The best asset we can get in life is education. Nobody can take it from us. 

God’s Word is the foundation for Piercing Arrow Private School’s philosophy. We cooperatively assist parents in fulfilling their God-given responsibilities to train up their children. At Piercing Arrow Private School, we seek to teach and reinforce the basic truth of God’s Word, promote Christian living, service, and high academic achievement. Every subject, activity, and program at Piercing Arrow Private School is focused towards achieving these objectives.

At Piercing Arrow Private School, we offer a thoroughly Christian program of education. Every subject gives preeminence to Jesus Christ and His salvation by grace through faith. Bible principles are thoroughly integrated into each class so the glory of God’s creation and the practical application of Godly living. We strive to develop Christian character in each child by emphasizing the practice of Bible principles in one’s life. Mastery of basic subject matter is a primary goal, but developing critical thinking and reasoning skills is also important, thus equipping the child for advanced education and enabling him to live a more abundant life for Christ.

At the heart of character training are the Godly principles of obedience and submission to authority. Obedience cultivates an inner self-discipline and is essential to the emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being of every child. Discipline is administered fairly and firmly. Measuring one’s actions and attitudes by scriptural principles is instilled in the students, which prepares them for their future.

We believe a Christian education should be God-centered and Christ-honoring. Therefore, we reject so called “Progressive” and “Traditional” forms of education because of their foundation in humanism.

Though many parents and educators desire a return to the basics of education, Christianity cannot be added to a secular, humanistic, traditional, public school curriculum and the result be called Christian education. Our curriculum is designed from the ground up Christian, and centered upon God and His Word.

It stresses Biblical principles, Christian living, and American patriotism. We stand without apology for God and His mandate to raise our children according to His Word, as preserved in the King James Version (1611).